Basil Parmesan Prosciutto Asparagus

The vegetable you couldn’t stand as a child has been reincarnated into your favorite party appetizer ever. You’re welcome… Basil Parmesan Prosciutto Asparagus 25 asparagus spears 25 pieces prosciutto 6 oz Parmesan cheese Approximately 35 basil leaves Preheat the oven…


Crab Linguini alla Vodka

Call bae and tell him to pick you up some Tito’s because it’s been that kind of day… the kind where you dream about #carbs. Just us? Didn’t think so… Crab Linguini alla Vodka 1 lb of linguini 1 lb…


Basil Lime Street Corn

Corn on the cob 🌽 is a staple side dish for our family dinners during the summer months, but by the end of the season we’re looking to reinvent it…so queue the mariachi band 🎺and let’s have a corn fiesta…


Sweet Basil Peach Mule – #ThirstyThursday

#ThirstyThursday couldn’t be more real on this hot July day! We’ve taken a sweet, refreshing twist to a traditional Moscow Mule… Sweet Basil Peach Mule Yields 2 Servings 3 large basil leaves 1 oz lime juice 4 oz Titos vodka…