G-Squared Margarita

Working that ginger cleanse the only way we know how… with Tequila. Our G-Squared Margarita boasts all the health benefits of grapefruit and ginger with just a little extra kick. Seriously though… we feel better already. G-Squared Margarita 1 part Domaine…


Senoritas & Margaritas

We always make time for the things we love, like our favorite senoritas and margaritas… Girlfriends and pretty drinks just go together, so we have three margaritas on the menu… A Strawberry Pineapple Tequila Tease for your one friend that is…

Design & Details

A Citrus Centerpiece

Not sure what to do with your fresh produce? Why not make it into a centerpiece or countertop display? Check out this super simple citrus filled silver bowl…