Welcome to A Party With Us.

So what’s in a name? Those closest to us know that if we are together it is nothing short of a party. As best friends, we are constantly scheming, dreaming, designing, and making life decadent and delicious every day. Whether prepping for a family gathering, primping for a double date, or actually partying the night away – we are making it our own and infusing the lives of our family and friends with our favorite flavors and details. Life’s a party!

We grew up in Chester County, PA, and became fast friends in high school. From prom to marriage, we’ve celebrated major milestones and everyday life together. We even managed to arrange a marriage (wink-wink) and became sisters-in-law in 2013. Always drawn to delicious food, lush flowers, high fashion, and design, we knew we had to share our creations and needed an outlet for our creative spirits to thrive. So, A Party With Us was born in April 2017.

Let us be the first to say that neither of us considers ourselves writers, but we do consider ourselves excellent hostesses with eyes for design. With Miranda’s culinary talents and experience as an on-air host, and Kate’s digital design and marketing expertise, we hope to enchant and inspire you with our blog.

So here we are. Two blondes. One camera. Vowing to post with honesty, humor, and a true sense of ‘a party with us’ in hopes to hold your attention and keep you coming back for more.

Come join the party…

Miranda & Kate