Seared Filet, Mushroom & Cream Cheese Crostini

Appetizer testing is tiresome Just kidding – we’ve been having a ball creating some special recipes just for you! Step up your party tray with these Seared Filet, Mushrooms & Cream Cheese Crostinis. And make sure you pick up Philadelphia…


Spicy Italian Deviled Eggs

Don’t be fooled this summer staple, as can easily transition into a hearty fall Hors D’oeuvre… Spicy Italian Deviled Eggs 15 jumbo eggs 6 -7 tbsp Helmans Mayonnaise 1 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp spicy brown mustard 1/8 tsp salt…


Turkey Cocktail Meatballs with Green Goddess Dressing

✨Your guests will not be able to turn these meatballs down especially because the dipping sauce is truly divine ✨😇… Turkey Cocktail Meatballs with Green Goddess Dressing 🥗👸🏼 Turkey Cocktail Meatballs with Green Goddess Dressing Meatballs 1 lb ground turkey…


Whipped Goat Cheese Crostini

Yep, still we’ve yet to find a problem cheese can’t fix… 🧀🥖🤷🏼‍♀️ head to @wyebrookfarm to pick up @shellbarkhollowfarm cheese! Happy Monday! 🤗 Whipped Goat Cheese Crostini 4 oz chèvre goats milk cheese 4.5 tbsp heavy whipping cream 6 tbsp Whole milk 2 large…


Basil Parmesan Prosciutto Asparagus

The vegetable you couldn’t stand as a child has been reincarnated into your favorite party appetizer ever. You’re welcome… Basil Parmesan Prosciutto Asparagus 25 asparagus spears 25 pieces prosciutto 6 oz Parmesan cheese Approximately 35 basil leaves Preheat the oven…


Miranda’s Candied Bacon with Horseradish Sauce

Let’s just get it out there… bacon is life and candied bacon is heaven. Miranda’s Candied Bacon with Horseradish Yields 16 Slices (1 package) 1 lb of Hormel Black Label bacon 1/2 cup brown sugar sprinkle of black pepper Preheat…